Can You Live on Income From Trading Forex Rebates?

For forex, the situation is fundamentally different. Focuses most of the work, not the body or mind. He must learn to change his feelings and emotions

Can You Live on Income From Trading Forex Rebates? - 

Is it worth it and does it depend on this source of income?

The first question: is it easy to work and make money in forex? For more than eight years in the Russian Internet segment and in the CIS, Forex Exchange has been developing an image as a source of light and big money. 




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I must say that this can work very well and will only get stronger with each new trading position image that comes out. 


This situation makes perfect sense as new and inexperienced customers supply coins to the Capital Directorate. I guess this anger is not going to stop anytime soon.


Don't believe the hype. Working with Exchange is very complicated. The reason is the extreme uniqueness of the work performed. 

Always use a forex discount company. If there are dozens or hundreds of employees in the normal business of the company's income, the profits and losses will depend on one person who is the merchant, the depository account manager. 

If someone makes a mistake, it is a more experienced employee or manager, and the mistake is less likely to be catastrophic. While working on the stock exchange, the trader is freed from his boss, but also takes full responsibility for your weight.

Mastering most "office jobs" requires a certain ability to think, and with this ability you can move up the career ladder. If we are talking about crafting, then you need to master the skill of controlling the body (hands).

For forex, the situation is fundamentally different. Focuses most of the work, not the body or mind. He must learn to change his feelings and emotions, change some aspects of his personality, not respond to the emotional movements of the market, and maintain a state of mental balance. 

Formation of qualities such as anger, greed and desperation is not easy even in the forex business and it takes a very long time. The Eastern religion that teaches in all situations is to “start with yourself,” that is, to look for the cause of your failure. 

If notifications are the cause of all the fluctuations, and if working in forex is difficult in itself, then everything is clear. If you enter the market with a desire to get 100 points, you will be lost.

What motivates beginners to enter the market? barely! Now the market will go there and you can get to it! Experienced traders are different. Yes, they are not indifferent to profit, but entering the market is the best conditions for this. The amount of profit from the deal they are interested in is a little bit. Experienced traders, as concerned gardeners, pick only ripe fruits, which are the best entry and exit points.

Therefore, the main difficulty of working on the stock exchange is that traders have to create new things that challenge their personal qualities, there are areas, but the level of wages is sufficient to live comfortably.

Question 2: How long do you need to stay in front of your computer while tracking the movements of the exchange rate? Earn 300 points. At first it seems the only way and the necessity, but this kind of work on the forex is comparable to the performance of a skier or the acrobatic elements of a gymnast. 

It's routine for professional athletes, but it can have deadly consequences for those unprepared. In trading, the situation is similar. An extreme trader in every way.

It is safer to enter the market only in pixels, such positions are formed from several times a week to several times a month, but they are enough to get a small but stable income. No need to head to your computer to track the slightest price movements.

Question 3: Can you live off income from forex trading? This question could be rephrased: Does the job pay well? Yes there is, but to get to the good salary level you need time to work for a company to get to the bottom of it. The foreign exchange situation is exactly the same. 

If you expect to make a profit from Forex in one month, then you are in a deep delusion, the earlier you get out, the cheaper it will be. You have to go through several stages. 

1. You need to master the basics of technical analysis. 

2. You need to learn to take risks and know when entering the market is unwise. 

3. The ability to find entry points into the market with minimal risk. For these three stages, cryptocurrency training accounts are very suitable. The lead must be at least several months old. This will shape your strategy, identify its weaknesses, and use a discount forex company to treat virtual deposits like real deposits. 

You have to change part of improving your trading strategy. At this point you will need a live account. For these purposes, the best deposit seems to me to be 30% to 50% of his salary. This amount is enough to take deposits seriously, and at the same time, these small amounts make you feel completely comfortable, regardless of the panic caused by the slightest movement of the market against you. 

It is categorically recommended not to open a deposit with otdolžennye money in the hope of paying off the debt by doubling it. Personally, I know the psychological pressure of enduring this is almost impossible. Moreover, if you do not have enough money to open a deposit, then life itself - fate wants you. It is stupidity, not courage. 

5. You must have some experience. Experience not only allows you to find the right entry and exit points, but also allows you to correct your mistakes with minimal losses or marginal gains. Also, even without deep technical analysis, you can instinctively accurately judge familiar patterns (patterns) in the market and make the right decisions. 

6. Sufficient deposit is required. It is possible to multiply a small deposit in the early stages of the forex business. If the expected market movement of 100 pips corresponds to a 20% profit on your initial deposit, then a winning trade of 500 pips is all you need to double your score.

This situation is very common because the cost of 1 lot is close to the ground, which is equal to 20% of a small deposit. From an economic and mathematical point of view, this can be very risky (and profitable), but it is possible if the deposit is less than the size of one person's wages. 

If we are talking about a large amount of market entry, then this amount exceeds 10%, which can be fatal for deposits and lead to disaster in the long run.

Therefore, the profitability of working on Forex is an exceptional value and the risk is in the range of 10%-15% per month. from the deposit.

However, as soon as you reach the sixth stage of working in the forex market, the problem with the deposit size will disappear. Many wealthy people around the world want to increase their capital. 

It cannot go unnoticed if you really master to be a professional currency trader. Traders become some of the most sought after professionals in the business as long as floating exchange rates exist.

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