There are systems that can swindle people by example: A signal provider is a

person or system that makes business for you.

I think I have a good investment methodology for example I went online I buy the pair

euro dollar, when I say I’m buying that purchase order entered in the personal account

either a demo or live account that I have chosen a signal provider in other words

estamoschupando wheel or beneficiandome from or made by the supplier and many people


They do not have time or knowledge and want other people tranzen for them.

A demo account is opened with a channel supplier and after a month if we do well we invest

silver to a real account and the signal provider will tranzar for me, for I have no time

or knowledge to do it with several benefits.

The provider places me the order and the customer tells you how much you are willing to lose most of both

danse that profits if the business closes for the customer to enjoy them.

We can also have multiple providers of signals or for example if I have good results

no I have to wait the month, I can deactivate my account and incorporate other.

Or incorporate a robot programmed to algorithmically this robot an order to com

purchase or sale by this method may be safer forex transactions since they are pro

grammed to have a higher percentage of acertabilidad.

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