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The car insurance service in the United Kingdom (UK) is very popular as every car owner recognizes the significance of being protected in case of accidents.  This includes protection against losses resulting from traffic accidents and the accompanying accountability and liability. 

This popularity of the car insurance service can also be attributed to the UK Law dubbed as “The Road Traffic Act 1988” that was modified in 1991 that requires every motorists to be insured, protected, or have some security of sorts or a certain amount of deposit with the Accountant General of the Supreme Court against their third party liability and for damage to other person’s property as a result of their use of their vehicle in public roads and places (Vehicle Insurance, Wikipedia). 

It is therefore mandated by UK law to avail of car insurance policy.  Every car owner, driver, and motorist realizes how important having an insurance policy is to ensure protection and security that may arise from vehicular or traffic accidents.  As an adage goes, accidents happen even to the best drivers.


Having a car insurance policy assures that in the face if any accident, there is the insurance company to shoulder expenses that may be incurred as a result.  This doesn’t give the motorists the license to be reckless.  For one, a certain portion of the expense shall be shouldered by the car owners/motorists/drivers themselves.  This is what is known as deductibles.  In effect, one is also accountable to shoulder accident expenses.

Since every motorist is required to get an insurance policy, car insurance in the UK is very economical except for Northern Ireland where insurance is a little expensive compared to the rest of the UK.  You can also find the most comprehensive coverage at the most reasonable cost in the UK.

To get most out of low car insurance rates, here are a few tips:  (1) effective date of coverage shall be immediately after acquisition of insurance; (2) policy should be underwritten based on the fair value of the vehicle/car; (3) all pertinent detail or information relative to the insurance shall be forwarded to the insurance company; (4) all stipulations in the policy must be clearly understood by the policy holder and agreed upon by both parties (insurer and policy holder); (5) all the insurance needs are covered by the policy. 

Car insurance has become a way of life in the UK.  People find it important not because it is mandated by their law but because they see it as protection against any eventualities in the road.  Car insurance protects them from personal liability in case of accidents.  It works both ways, with you as the offender or with you as the victim.  Protection and security are two priceless benefits you get out of car insurance policies. 

Come to think of it, what will happen to you if you are not protected by a car insurance policy and you suddenly met a traffic accident? 

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